01/05/2020: Article by José Almagro in El Español.

2020-04-13: What is the actual COVID-19 death toll in Spain so far? The answer in today's blog post.

2020-04-11: eldiario.es and La Vanguardia published today an article by Noemí G. Gómez (EFE Agency) in which she chants to us about the role of mathematical models in fighting the pandemic.

2020-04-09: Brief summary of the methodology followed in the design of predictive models.

2020-04-08: Analyzing the difference between registered deaths and real deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic.

2020-04-08: Since yesterday, Inverence contributes to the Acción Matemática contra el Coronavirus project. Today we expand the scope of our contributed forecasts.

2020-04-07: Slight upturn in cases and deaths almost certainly caused by delayed counting.

2020-04-06: Note about our methodology and the recent drop in number of deaths (Spanish).

2020-04-06: News article in El Español about Invernce's Forecasts (Spanish).

2020-04-02: News article in ConSalud.es about our analysis and forecasts (Spanish).

2020-04-02: Inverence's forecasts mentioned in El Español (Spanish).